Indexed Table Saw Fence


Many years ago I bought a very low cost table saw that I have used for numerous rehab projects around the house. More recently I've had to diddle around with the fence in order to determine if the fence has been locked down squarely after every fence adjustment. Over the years I've wanted to replace the fence with one those really nice professional grade fences but even the cheapest of those new fences costs more than I originally paid for my Delta hybrid table saw which has performed adequately, all things considered. At the time I was really impressed by the fact it had a machined cast iron top but only recently, I have realized that the top isn't any where near perfectly flat. Go figure.

So, not wanting to spend much money on a better fence, I checked to see what has been posted to YouTube and Instructables. Instructables wasn't of much help but on YouTube I found that:
1) John Heisz had a very interesting do-it-yourself table saw fence constructed mostly of 1/2" plywood.
2) Jeremy Schmidt had put together a nice fence with a self indexing locking mechanism with a 3/4"-16 threaded rod from mostly steel.

Building a new fence from steel, would have been of a bit challenging for me given a few constraints and wood would be so much easier to work with but I can do some metal work.

So what If I take John Heisz's basic fence design and embed into the rail Jeremy Schmidt's threaded rod system?? Jeremy used a piece of hardwood as a backer to provide support for the threaded rod so why not combined the backer and the rail?