Purchased one used four wire Anemometer from Ebay to make a WiFi enabled Weather Vane with an Arduino Nano and Pi ZeroW.

The Nano was needed for the analog direction input and precision pulse accumulation for speed pulses. The serial link then talks to the Pi Zero. Later, an LCD display was added, which could have connected to either device but I chose to use the Nano's I/O.

Several methods of data logging were tested:
1 - Direct Logging to the SD Card and performing automatic file transfer.
2 - Using sockets to a host server.
3 - MQTT to a Mosquitto Broker and a 'catch-all' logging client.

MQTT has been the easiest to use and seems to be trouble free when put the weather vane into and out of service. Logging resumes automatically upon power up.

Pushbutton w/LED on bottom provides 'heartbeat', 'reset' and 'shut-down' functions.

DC to DC converter allows for 12VDC operation.